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Online double conversion UPS

Line interactive UPS

VSP has the largest range of UPS systems for home and offices, server UPS. 

VSP also has competitive UPS prices.

Stock is readily available to keep lead times at a minimum .

VSP also strives to give their customers the best service possible not only with service and maintenance agreements, but also by having a very wide technical support presence. We can provide support in all major South African cities including Cape town (Western cape), Durban (Kwazulu-Natal) and Johannesburg (Gauteng) etc.


Power Supplies

T1X Series – Line interactive UPS system (650VA-2kVA)
AEC T4 3 in/1 out Series – Online double conversion UPS system (10kVA – 20kVA)
Line-Interactive, modified sine wave Units
Online, Double Conversion, Single Phase
AEC T3 Series – True online, pure sinewave UPS
Online, Double Conversion, 3 Phase In, Single Phase Out
Rack mount or tower Online UPS system
Rack Mount Units
AEC T2 Series – Line interactive UPS system (1kVA – 3kVA)
Line Interactive, pure sine wave Units
AEC T6 – Online UPS system (10kVA -1MVA)
Online, Double Conversion, 3 Phase
Modular Online UPS system
Modular systems


Solar Solutions Ideal For Homes

Solar or photovoltaic cells are designed to capture the sun’s rays and directly convert them into electricity. Solar cells have been used for years to provide power to satellites.

Solar cells consists of two very thin sheets of a semiconducting substance – for example silicone, with distinctive chemicals on the surface.

When sunlight falls on these cells, electrons are released from the silicon and move across the chemical layer, and in turn generate an electrical current.

Solar Systems & Their Importance in South Africa

The significance of solar systems & their importance in South Africa cannot be stressed enough. In the not too distant past, solar technology was not thought to play much of a role but in today’s world.

In South Africa individuals, businesses as well as Government are now considering solar technology as being a brilliant and cost-effective alternative energy resource with massive potential to help deliver low-cost energy, enhance job creation and to stimulate the economy.

South Africa enjoys much sunshine which makes it perfect for solar – and with most areas in the country averaging at least 2 500 hours or sunshine per annum makes this one of the sunniest countries worldwide.

It is obvious that the more light that solar panels are exposed to, the more electricity will be generated – furthermore solar also works on cloudy days, which makes this a brilliant solution to our power supply.

The awareness of solar is fast gaining momentum and will in all probability increase amidst the rolling blackouts we have been privy to for the past couple of years, rising electricity costs, the unstable supply of electricity and the threat of load shedding hovering above us, waiting to strike once again which has become an ongoing challenge which needs to be scrutinised closely.

Installed solar energy is expected to reach in excess of 8400 MW by the year 2030; Government has signed agreements to buy power in excess of 1450 MW for solar projects – which is encouraging to say the least.

Electricity prices will continue to be on the up and up which makes solar an even more attractive alternative to keep businesses and homes running.

Even with an initial outlay, the money spent will soon be recouped after a couple of years – once the initial costs have been paid up, electricity is then free by using solar – attractive savings for any household or business.

Although solar is a relatively new technological concept in South Africa and even though there is a steady growing interest in this clean resource of energy, there is still much ground to cover in the educating of the general population.

Solar Systems & their importance in South Africa continue to gain traction – it should not therefore surprise one that the SA Government is taking solar seriously.

Solar Power

Solar MPPT Controller
Solar Regulator
Solar Connection Box
60 Amp Solar MPPT
PV Solar Panels
Solar Panels
ST2X – Home Inverter
AEC ST2X Home Inverter With Solar Server
Solar Grid-tie Inverter
Grid-tie Inverter
AEC Hybrid Solar Inverter
C8 Solarbox
60 Amp MPPT
PV Panels
Hybrid Inverter


AEC pure sinewave and modified sinewave inverter system

VSP has the widest range of Inverter systems in south africa, and the southern african region, we have both pure and modified sinewave inverter systems, with and with out battery chargers.

We offer the pure sinewave Cotek S and SK range of inverters aswell as the state of the are super home (ST2X) range and the Studer range of inverters directly from Studer Switzerland.

We have a comprehensive range of Inverters and inverter related products to cover a wide range of uses including:

  • Camping

  • Solar systems

  • AC back-up systems

  • Mobile labratories

  • Portable test centres

  • Military installations

  • ETC.

Inverter services and repairs

We offer a state of the art service and inverter repair centre, we also have a team of mobile service technicians ready to help with your every requirement.

Inverex Inverter
Inverex Inverters
Victron Inverters
Kotec Inverters
Kotec Inverters
Fully Sealed Solar Batteries Available


For those of you who don’t know what Deep Solar Cycle Batteries are and how they work; Solar Batteries are batteries necessary for the function of certain types of solar panel systems. Deep Cycle Batteries are also known as Solar Batteries which play a crucial role in stand-alone renewable energy systems.

If you require a battery to operate a solar panel, wind or even a hydro-electric system secured to your utility grid, you will need a Solar Battery – this is especially pertinent when there is a power outage and could prove to be particularly handy with the copious amounts of load shedding that we are being faced with.

Explaining Solar Batteries:

  • Solar Batteries will provide the energy to your renewable energy system, unlike car batteries.

  • Solar Batteries are meant to be discharged and cycled constantly.

  • For batteries to enjoy longevity most manufactures recommend that the depth of discharged of these batteries is limited to 20% – in other words the Solar Batteries will be at 80% capacity or more.

  • It is important that the batteries are not discharged below 50% Depth of Discharge.

  • Inverters usually have Low Voltage Disconnect features that will disconnect loads at certain points.

  • Low Voltage alarms can also be installed.

  • To maintain your battery, Ammeters, Voltmeters as well as Battery Monitors all play an integral role in upholding the health of your Deep Cycle Batteries, and the complete power system as a whole.

Solar Batteries come in different weights:

  • For those not familiar with Solar Batteries, these come in a broad range of weights and sizes.

  • These are either small or very large, although the general rule of thumb is that the size of the Deep Cycle Battery should correspond with the amp hours of storage.

  • Solar Batteries are connected by using Battery Interconnect Cables, in series, parallel, or a combination of these all depending upon your system voltage and the storage capacity you need.

The design of the battery:

  • They have been designed with thicker lead plates.

  • The batteries have a reduced amount of overall surface capacity; less than thinner SLI batteries.

  • Because of the condensed availability of surface area for chemical reactions, Deep Cycle Batteries are able to produce a smaller amount of current than an SLI battery.

  • Deep Cell Batteries are able to produce current for longer periods of time.

For more information about our range of solar batteries and the role they play in renewable energy, contact us to find out how you too, will be able to benefit.

Read our battery spec sheet here, or the E92 Deep Cycle Battery spec sheet here.

CSB Batery
12 V, 5AH - 100 A/H
CSB Batery
CSB Batery
CSB Batery
Ceil Powersafe Battery
Royal Semi-sealed Battery
Royal 100 A
Royal Semi-sealed Battey
Ceil Powersafe Battery
Solatron Gel Batery Deep Cycle
Gel Solartron Deep Cycle

What are Voltage Stabilizers?

A Voltage Stabilizer has been created to maintain a constant voltage level automatically, offering protection to equipment against voltage surges, under-voltage, over-voltage, whilst smoothing impulsive noise. A Voltage Stabiliser is also referred to as an Automatic Voltage Stabiliser, AC Voltage Stabiliser or Voltage Regulator. An Automatic Voltage Stabiliser has been created to automatically maintain a constant level of voltage so that your electrical equipment would be protected at all times against over-voltage, under-voltage as well as surges, levelling impulsive noise.

Voltage Stabilizer is also called Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, AC Voltage Stabilizer or Voltage Regulator.

You can then expect:

  • Your Voltage Stabiliser to regulate a fixed output voltage of a pre-set amount that remains constant no matter what changes occur to its input voltage or load situations.

  • A Voltage Stabiliser is a device utilised for maintaining the voltage quantity stability in a power system.

Should the power supplied to electrical appliances and devices dip and surge, the results will obviously lead to inferior performance as well as damage to your electrical equipment.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a constantly high quality source of power to ensure that your apparatus runs properly at all times without affecting the performance which could often result in a depleted life expectancy of the appliance.

Voltage instability and fluctuations will cause temporary and permanent failure of the load; these dips and surges reduce the life-span quite dramatically of home and numerous other appliances as these are unregulated lower or higher voltages than the requirements of the voltage load.

Why the dips and surges? These are a direct result of faults within the power system, which makes the necessity of stable power voltage to the load at all times extremely important, and in so doing, protects all electrical devices at all times.

In short, Voltage stabilisers are there to safeguard your appliances and devices against power instability and maintain a stable voltage supply to the load.

A Voltage Stabilizer:

  • Regulates the inconsistent input power voltage and output constant voltage.

  • Fluctuations vary from country to country.

  • Due to numerous recent outages, South Africa suffers greatly from unstable voltage.

  • It is recommended that you equip Voltage Stabilizers to all appliances.

  • Alternatively install a large AVR for your whole house or office.

  • The Voltage Stabilizer is good for protecting homes plus it plays an important role in commercial, retail and industrial situations.

Voltage Stabilizers will automatically maintain a constant voltage level; this could either be a simple forward-feed design or negative feedback control loops. Some Voltage Stabilizers use electromechanical devices or electronic parts.

All depending on design it could be used to regulate one or more AC as well as DC voltages.

A voltage regulator is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. A voltage regulator may be a simple “feed-forward” design or may include negative feedback control loops. It may use an electromechanical mechanism, or electronic components. Depending on the design, it may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC voltages.

A Voltage Stabilizer is an electrical device which feeds continuous voltage current to electrical appliances and devices such as computers, stoves, fridges, TV’s as well as numerous other gadgets when there are power dips and surges, brown outs or black outs – the perfect back-up system for when the lights go out.Voltage Stabilizers work on the principle of a transformer where the input current is connected to primary windings and when output is received from secondary windings.

When the incoming voltage dips it activates the electromagnetic relays which add to an elevated number of turns in the secondary winding, and in turn this puts out a higher voltage which compensates for the loss of output voltage.When there is a rise in the incoming voltage the reverse is true; the voltage at the output side remains almost unchanged.

Electrical power quality is all-important:

The need for effective, high-quality power supply to consumers right across the globe is fast becoming a valuable resource as it plays a vital role for the reliable working of equipment and  electrical devices in factories, homes, businesses and numerous applications where electricity is used.

Voltage Stabilisers play a vital role in today’s modern world of technology – the question is – are you confident being without this life-saving (and appliance-saving) device?

Voltage Stabilizers

Automatic Voltage Regultor
PHD Automatic Voltage Regultor
Voltage Stabilizers
Automatic Voltage Regultor

Lighting is a dramatic and often wonderful spectacle and quite lovely to behold – but it could also prove to be lethal as well as extremely damaging to sensitive equipment if you don’t have the right lightning protection for all your expensive devices.

According to the South African weather services, lightning is responsible for killing no fewer than 260 people each year – so imagine what it could do to the delicate and expensive equipment you have invested in.

Lightning is discharged in an electrically-charged storm; the flashing bolt you see is an electrical discharge that occurs between regions of positive and negative electrical charges in the atmosphere.

Why you need lightning protection in South Africa

  • State-of-the-art surge technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to identify and avert surges and has now evolved into a precise science.

  • Furthermore, unsurprisingly, insurance service providers are insistent that consumers install surge protection against surges to avoid unnecessary damage to expensive computers as well as other sensitive equipment.

Even though direct lightning strikes are responsible for a very small percentage of actual damage incurred to electrical and other sensitive systems, the main damage is actually caused by inductive coupling and probable ground differences.

It is imperative that consumers pay special attention to earth installation and the fitting of surge protection and lighting protection devices in South Africa.

A brief history of lightning protection

  • Benjamin Franklin conducted the very first experiment using a kite and key in the early 1700’s.

  • As a result of that specific experiment, the lightning rod was born.

  • Today lightning rods are still being used as a form of lightning protection although much more scientifically-formulated methods are utilised to protect structures and property from destructive lightning strikes.

  • Take note that a lightning rod is no fool proof method of steering lightning away from structures.

Newer technologies including the CTS – otherwise known as the Charge Transfer System which has been created to prevent lightning from developing in an area of protection.

This new method averts the formation of lightning strikes in a designated area instead of the collection of them – this is particularly significant for producers of oil and gas where midstream storage tanks are warehoused.

Highly combustible areas, in particular, need sufficient lightning protection with the application of high-tech protection that will prevent huge costs and massive damage.

Surge & Lightning Protection

Household Surge and Spike Protction


PCPA Transient Conditioner
Power Surge Protection Conditioner Can


Din Rail Mounted Surge Protection Class 2


Lightning & Surge Protection Plug Top


Mains Surge Protection Unit


Automatic Voltage Switch
Din Rail Mounted Lightning Protection Class 1
Electric Fence Surge Protection Kit


DBboard-class 1

Din Rail Mounted Power Conditioner


Black Box Conditioner/Filter Plug Surge Protection



Din Rail Mounted N-PE-1


Power Surge Protection Conditioner High Current



Surge Cord Protection Unit
Telephone Conditioners/PABX Systems
RS232 Surge Protection Line Conditioners
RF Line Surge Protection Conditioners
100Base-T Data Surge Protection Unit
Access Surge Conditioner
Telephone & Mains Surge Protection Unit
Telephone Surge Protection
Surge Protection Adapter